th​e BRAIN thrust!

Of all the devastating superpowers for ordinary people the BRAIN thrust is probably the second most difficult to master. I don’t know if that’s true but I have never been able to do the most powerful superpower for ordinary people (hint!). The BRAIN thrust looks like it’s just used for defense but it can quickly change the outcome of a situation by stunning your opponent. I was practicing my superpowers for ordinary people while my friend was doing his homework. I was finished with my homework. I was actually in the middle of practicing the QUICK cat/FIST OF STRONG combination when my friend asked me what the answer to 18 x 36 was because he ran out of room on his paper to work out the multiplication. I completely stopped my move. Or I was stopped in the middle of my move—somewhere in the middle of the QUICK cat—because my BRAIN was thrusted. He could have used any superpower on me while my BRAIN was thrusted because I was completely helpless. 

But then we noticed something strange. Since he didn’t know the answer to his own question, his move (just sitting there doing his homework) was stopped in the middle because he apparently thrusted his own BRAIN by not knowing the answer to the question he asked me. So we experimented with the BRAIN thrust and figured out that if you use the BRAIN thrust you have to know the answer to the question that you’re asking or you end up thrusting your own BRAIN. If your opponent knows the answer to the question you're asking then you also end up thrusting your own BRAIN. So we decided to start learning more things at school just in case. And not just in school. We decided to learn more things all the time.