the fist of STRONG (or EVIL IN THE ALLEY)
The first time I used the ‘fist of strong’ I trembled. It was so powerful it made me sick. I was on my way back from a trumpet lesson... 

the BLISTER block!
​​I was minding my own business when I heard two…whatever they are…talking and then one…whatever they are…knuckle-sandwiched the other...
Now that we had joined forces we practiced the QUICK cat in slow motion until we perfected it. We gave each other fist-bumps of success (not a real superpower but just a way of celebrating). 
BRAIN thrust!
Of all the devastating superpowers for ordinary people the BRAIN thrust is probably the second most difficult to master. I don’t know if that’s true but I have never been able to do the most powerful superpower for ordinary people (hint!). 
Toe of Terribleness

Lazy days…la-zy days. It was the perfect day. Friday and a snow day. A day to practice the superpowers for ordinary people and just drink some chocolate milk afterwards.