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sixth and i historic

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sixth and i historic is the place i saw you sing.  i didn't rush to the front like the others but waited for the hall to fill before i found my place in the back.  quietly, as you introduced your next song, i turned to a passage in my dictionary that flowed in near perfect harmony with your melody.  you improvised the intro but i matched you with an improvisation of my own--reading as if i my english was tinged with the accent of la isla de madeira.  when the song finished i stopped reading and then i saw something i could never have imagined.  a woman in the back of the hall was reading a book (as i was).  i watched her throughout the night and noticed that she only read between songs--during the pauses, while i read as you sang.  she never saw me but i wanted her to see me.  i would read for a few seconds at a time and then look up to see if she was looking at me but she never did.  when it was time for everyone to leave i tried to find her in the crowd but she was gone. 
what i was reading at sixth and i historic on 11/09/2013:

The Epilogue

from the Arch-Enemies Handbook

It is with good intentions that I wish for everyone an arch-enemy.  But not everyone is predisposed to or capable of living with an arch-enemy.  “living with” as in existing on the same planet at the same time. Arch-enemies can be imagined and/or non-reciprocating. These types of arch-enemies, however, do not allow us to develop the powers necessary for combating our real arch-enemies.   Imagined or non-reciprocating arch-enemies are good practice but everyone (in good time) needs the power of a real arch-enemy to endure and eventually overcome.

It was in second grade that I developed my first real arch-enemy:  Sathan.  It was this relationship that provided the arc and structure of my subsequent arch-enemy relationships.

Sathan and I were good friends at the beginning of the school year but by the third quarter, due to some real or perceived injustice (any slight will do), we had become true and committed arch-enemies.  A good friend is the best candidate for a future arch-enemy and by becoming one and opposing you, bestows upon you the greatest honour any friend ever could.