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still life
in motion

"Reading this book will enable you to sit still for extended periods of time while your fruit paints you. It is recommended you wear your least favorite hat while reading this. Even if you don't read this yourself (for men) lending this book to women is an almost guaranteed way to make them fall in love with you. (for women) If you're not already in love with yourself, find out why."

published by PretendGeniusPress in February 2004.

latest review - 3/5/2004

"This book is exhilarating in its freedom and its poetry and wit are a constant refreshment. In my review of One Note Symphonies I wondered if such a special talent could survive in today’s glut of books but Still Life indicates that he is a survivor. This is very good news for us all."                                                                                                                                 read it all here

excerpt from the annihilation of the spectator from the book still life in motion:


I don't want to talk about curtains because if I do, I would have to remember the summer day Molly hung herself in my basement. It probably didn't have the effect she wanted because I didn't care all that much about her and despite what you might think, I don't feel sad when I think about it. I don't like remembering that day because I was supposed to be out drinking that afternoon. I like drinking in broad daylight and Molly wasn't considerate enough to hang herself at two or three in the morning while I was sleeping. She waited until the early afternoon, when she knew I was supposed to start drinking my day away. Molly was always inconsiderate like that. But the feeling that overcomes me if I talk about curtains is regret, because later I found out that three girls joined my friends on the blanket and two of them were hot. One of them might have been the love of my life.

217 things

And I suppose that I could think about that day while I am thinking about something else because I have the ability to think about 217 things at the same time. That is to say, I can consciously access them all simultaneously. I'm not sure how I do this but my mommy said that my grandfather could actually talk to several people at the same time without confusing any of the conversations. It was like he had five or six brains or mouths. They all got used to it she said because it was like being in a restaurant or at a bank and if you were one of the people talking to him, his other voices and other conversations sounded like background noise or whatever that noise is called that you hear but don't pay attention to when you're out somewhere. I thought that was kind of strange because I've never heard people talking in a bank, even when I was little and voices were louder than they are now.
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"I tell Sasha okay from time to time because okays are good hiding places.  The first step I take implies my long stride and impatience.

"Wait", she says.

She sees how strange the day is. Better than me. She says she sees well because of a child-hood catastrophe (insert insect) that destroyed her pupils (insert tacheon). She says she sees the molecules that make up a circle. She says that all circles are not the same."

From the book 'still life in motion'
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