the book of lashonda

”You won't know what you're thinking 
while reading the book of lashonda."
--The Journal of Algebra and Trigonometry

"Do wanderers ever cease? Not in this book."
  --6 Cities Sun Times

the world that destroyed the world

”Like the dream you never had."
--Riot Felice

"A world where Remember is...what is it?"
--Former Miss Alice 2018

Play Championship World-Class Tennis with Bjorn McEnroe

”This book is damn near perfec"
--Man Who Walks Slow

--Darling Two Hearts

Stories for Nadira

“The most impressive debut 8th book I've ever been in.”

darling two hearts

“If there is one book to read over someone's shoulder this year, then let it be this one.”

e{m}ma+ the ghost orchids

"this book is filled with graffiti"

"another love letter to women who ride bicycles"


"how am i supposed to read a book if i don't already know what it's about?"

"why read about insignificance when you can find the real thing here?"

"of all that is written I love only what s{e}an? has written with his own blood"

the dictionary of coincidences, 
volume i (hi)


"cough cough (silence) sniff sniff."

"a fine example of an increase in decreased latent inhibition."

the unknowed things

"what reality might be like if we look at it closely and if it is, in fact, real."

"don't forget to writhe"

still life in motion

"There are painters who put words on their canvasses these days, but you have turned the tables on them."

one note symphonies

"precisely the kind of book that an independent publisher should be championing. Innovative and yet deeply intelligent, One Note Symphonies leans far more to the side of genius than pretence."

"(an) insistent attack on the ramparts of what we laughingly call reality."
s  { e }  a   n   ?

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ENTROPALACE (December 2020)

“ENTROPALACE is a book within a book but not of a book.”
--Riot Felice

“A shockingly concise demonstration of nonlocal entanglement and a masterpiece of the small books genre. Or so I was told.”
--Small Books Magazine
the book of lashonda
the world that destroyed the world
Play Championship World-Class...
Stories for Nadira
darling two hearts
e{m}ma+ the ghost orchids
the dictionary of coincidences, volume i (hi)
the unknowed things
still life in motion
one note symphonies
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